JKSSB Officially Released Patwari Syllabus PDF 2024, Download Now

The JKSSB Patwari examination slated for 2024 is a pivotal milestone for individuals seeking entry into the realm of patwari services in Jammu and Kashmir. To ensure a smooth journey towards success, it’s imperative to grasp a comprehensive understanding of the exam syllabus. This guide serves as a valuable resource, breaking down the intricate details of the JKSSB Patwari Syllabus PDF 2024 and offering invaluable insights to streamline your preparation process.

The syllabus encompasses a range of subjects crucial for the patwari examination, including General Knowledge, Mathematics, Reasoning, and English Language. Each section holds significant weightage, necessitating thorough preparation and strategic planning. General Knowledge sections typically cover topics such as current affairs, history, geography, and socio-economic developments, while the Mathematics section tests candidates’ proficiency in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation. The Reasoning segment evaluates logical reasoning, analytical ability, and problem-solving skills, whereas the English Language section assesses grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing ability.

Navigating through the syllabus meticulously ensures a well-rounded preparation strategy, allowing candidates to optimize their study efforts and maximize their chances of success in the JKSSB Patwari examination. Utilizing this guide as a roadmap, aspirants can focus on key areas of the syllabus, identify strengths and weaknesses, and tailor their study plans accordingly.

A comprehensive understanding of the JKSSB Patwari Syllabus PDF 2024 is paramount for aspirants aiming to excel in the examination. By delving into the intricacies of each subject area and adopting a structured approach to preparation, candidates can enhance their confidence levels and boost their performance on exam day. Stay focused, stay determined, and embark on this journey towards achieving your goal of becoming a patwari in Jammu and Kashmir.

JKSSB Patwari Recruitment overview

Recruiting BodyJKSSB
Official WebsiteJKSSB Official Website
Number of Vacancies142
Notification Release Date26th March 2021
Application Start Date12th April 2021
Last Date to Apply 20th May 2021 (Extended)
Written Exam Date31st March 2024
StateJammu Government Jobs
QualificationGraduates Government Jobs
Telegram ChannelJobs 24*7


Urdu Proficiency (50 Marks):

The Urdu proficiency section is designed to test candidates’ descriptive skills. It acts as a qualifier with a total of 50 marks, to be completed in 60 minutes.

  1. Reading Section (20 Marks):
    • Answer questions based on given passages to assess comprehension skills.
  2. Writing Section (30 Marks):
    • Letter writing (10 marks): Evaluate candidates’ ability to articulate thoughts coherently.
    • English passage translation (10 marks): Test proficiency in translating English passages to Urdu.
    • Essay on a social topic (10 marks): Assess candidates’ writing skills on social issues.

To download the JKSSB Patwari Syllabus PDF 2024, visit jkssb.nic.in.

PART II: (120 Marks):

This section evaluates candidates’ awareness and knowledge on various subjects, ensuring a well-rounded understanding.

  1. General Knowledge & Current Affairs (36 Marks):
    • Covering a wide array of topics, including National and International events, Science & Technology, Environment, and more.
  2. General Knowledge with special reference to J&K UT (24 Marks):
    • Focusing on J&K’s history, economy, culture, and geography.
  3. General English (24 Marks):
    • Testing language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension.
  4. Knowledge of Computers (18 Marks):
    • Covering basic applications, hardware, software, and more.
  5. Mental Ability & Reasoning (18 Marks):
    • Testing logical and analytical skills, crucial for problem-solving.

Preparation Tips:

  1. Create a Study Plan: Divide your time efficiently among different sections to cover the entire syllabus.
  2. Practice Regularly: Solve previous years’ question papers and take mock tests to enhance time management and accuracy.
  3. Stay Updated: Keep abreast of current affairs and events to perform well in the General Knowledge sections.
  4. Strengthen Weak Areas: Identify and focus on weaker subjects to ensure a balanced preparation.
  5. Revision is Key: Regularly revise concepts and formulas to strengthen your memory.


  1. What is the format of the Urdu Proficiency section in Part I of the JKSSB Patwari exam?

    The Urdu Proficiency section in Part I includes a Reading Section with questions based on given passages, and a Writing Section where candidates need to demonstrate their skills through letter writing, English passage translation, and an essay on a social topic.

  2. How can I download the JKSSB Patwari Syllabus PDF for 2024?

    You can download the JKSSB Patwari Syllabus PDF for 2024 from the official website jkssb.nic.in. Look for the relevant examination section or syllabus link to access and download the PDF.